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This section as well contains references to and short reviews of fiction books where vikings play an important part. (See also page 1)

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The Long Ships, Frans Gunnar Bengtsson The Long Ships, by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson This book is an eternal classic, written by a great Swedish author. Set in the height of Viking Age, it tells us how Red Orm is kidnapped by a band of marauding Vikings, then serves as a slave on a Moorish ship, becomes a mercenary among the Muslims, and finally ends up as a marauder in England. He marries royally, settles, and goes on a treasure hunt for stolen gold in Russia. A great classic in the fiction about Vikings! Amazon US
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Eriksdottir Eriksdottir, by Joan Clark With Eiriksdottir, Joan Clark reinvents the North Atlantic sagas as an intriguing mix of fact, fiction and fantasy. The novel weaves together the fate of two longboat crews, one from Greenland and the other from Iceland, who sailed across treacherous ice-filled seas more than 1,000 years ago in search of Vinland, a land both mythical and real.
At the centre is the enigmatic Freydis, daughter of the notorious Eirik the Red and sister of Leif the Lucky. Along with her husband, Thorvard, Freydis Eiriksdottir led the Greenlanders to what was, for them, a new-found land—and she led them home again. A woman both vilified and praised, was she a monster who masterminded a bloody massacre, or a bold-spirited and resourceful leader?
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Forgiven, P.M. Kulseth Forgiven, by P M Kulseth Forgiven, written by P M Kulseth, an author that is granddaughter of Norwegian immigrants to the US, tells the tale of people in a small valley on the coast of Norway in the ninth century. The people are terrorized by a Viking lord - Red Bear - a brutal and notorious Viking. An interesting and imaginative tale! Amazon US
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The Thrall's Tale The Thrall's Tale, by Judith Lindbergh Lindbergh's epic debut novel chronicles the early Viking colonies in Greenland through the eyes of the embattled female denizens. Katla, the titular thrall born to a Christian Irishwoman enslaved in a Viking raid, emigrates with her master from Iceland to Greenland in A.D. 985. Katla's rosary sets her apart from the pagan Norse, and her beauty brings the unwelcome attention of her master's eldest son, Torvard. Amazon US
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  Robert Low The Oathsworn trilogy  
The Whale Road, Robert Low The Whale Road, by Robert Low A rousing, sprawling saga of Viking warriors and the quest for hidden treasure. The adventure begins in A.D. 965, when 15-year-old Orm Ruriksson—aka Orm the Bear Slayer—joins the Oathsworn, a band of raiders that includes his father, Rurik, and is led by the ruthless Einar the Black. After hearing a tale about a mountain of silver that once belonged to Attila the Hun, the band sets out to find it, accompanied by a madwoman who claims to know the treasure's location. Amazon US
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The Wold Sea, Robert Low The Wolf Sea, by Robert Low Washed up in a hostile city, battleweary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once more to wealth and warfare. But Orm’s prized sword, the legendary Rune Serpent, is gone, stolen by the rapacious Starkad, and with it the runes writ upon the hilt that only Orm can decipher. The Oathsworn embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim their precious sword as they pursue the elusive Starkad across the turbulent wolf sea. Unafraid to fight and cunning in the ways of men, they wreak violence and bloody revenge on their enemies. Amazon US
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The White Raven, Robert Low The White Raven, by Robert Low The Oathsworn have itchy feet. Battle-hungry and tired of keeping the homestead fires burning, they are restless for action. And, being the Oathsworn, action is what they get. When their homestead is attacked by Klerkon and his men, the Oathsworn promise bloody revenge. But they didn't count on having to undertake the most dangeous journey of their lives in order to save two of their number. Packed with epic adventure and bloody action. Amazon US
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Erik Brighteyes, H. Rider Haggard Eric Brighteyes, by H. Rider Haggard This is a skillfully crafted tale which proceeds at breakneck pace. We follow the saga-like adventures of the stout Icelandic yeoman, Eric Thorgrimurs' son (surnamed 'Brighteyes' for his most notable trait), as he struggles to win the hand of his beloved, Gudruda the Fair, despite the vigorous opposition. From death-defying feats of derring-do to duels between deadly foemen to treachery and mayhem in blinding blizzards and on the high seas, this is an adventure which will not let you go. Written in an archaic prose, mirroring the old nineteenth century translations of the original Icelandic sagas, the power of this narrative is compelling and unrelenting. Amazon US Amazon UK

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