Wallander Series 2, 4-DVD Set - The original Swedish version

The original Swedish movies Kurt Wallander DVD Boxed set 2based on Henning Mankell’s books about Kurt Wallander are extremely dark and captivating. In this version, it is a series about a cop who is not perfect, who has a broken marriage and a messy life, and who tries to understand the "why" behind every criminal action.

Some people like the Branagh-version of Wallander and some like the Swedish original better. I belong to the latter group. I found Kenneth Branagh's representation of Wallander to be overly theatrical and the whole atmosphere somewhat lacking in authenticity. But that’s taste and preference only. Both series are excellent, intense and very entertaining.

Among the movies in this DVD-set, the episode 'Mastermind' in particular would rate as among the most spine chilling and powerful crime films I have ever seen. It is extremely suspenseful, strong and simply wonderful. In all the movies in the Swedish version, I find the supporting cast does a much better job than in the English version of the series.


Afrikanen / The Afrikan:

Ystad's Social Democrats are putting up campaign posters for their candidate whose fight against anti-immigrant forces has cleansing Scania of its racist reputation as its No.1 priority. Then a train rolls into the railway station in Gdansk in Poland - with a dead black man on board. It appears he was murdered in Ystad, where the train originated, making this a case for Kurt Wallander. Most of the evidence points to a race crime, further strengthening prejudice against Scania. But the investigation takes an unexpected turn when the murder weapon is connected to one of Kurt's childhood friends.

Den svaga punkten / The Tricksters:

When a farmer is kicked to death by his favourite horse, the horse breeder claims it is impossible, while an examination of the farmer's body provides new clues to the cause of death. The neighbours confirm that the farmer lived alone, but there had been a mysterious woman, that he met through the personal ads, staying at the house. Searches for the woman turn up nothing until the police discover the farmer's bank accounts were emptied the day he died. Kurt and Linda play cat and mouse with the killer when they place their own personal ad. The bait works and Kurt finds himself in deep water.

Kurt Wallander
Kurt Wallander

Someone has infiltrated the Ystad police station, effectively closing it down for several critical hours. The culprit is everywhere and nowhere, like a virus that is noticed far too late.

At the same time, Kurt Wallander is trying to comprehend the connection between his colleague Martinson´s daughter Therese and a woman found hanged. And why has someone left a chopped-off doll's head in a field?

What is behind all these events, which must have taken years of planning? Wallander and Martinson are soon behaving like hunted animals.

Fotografen / The Photographer

An American tourist is found dead and her husband demands the body and all her possessions be returned. But the woman had been visiting an internationally renowned photographer, who lives locally, fuelling the husband's long-held suspicion that she was being unfaithful.

Kurt Wallander takes an interest in the cuckolded husband and the dead woman believing there is more to the photographer than meets the eye. But he is surprised to learn that the dead woman was murdered, and that the motive is to be found far from Sweden.

  • Actors: Krister Henriksson, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Mats Bergman, Douglas Johansson, Stina Ekblad
  • Writers: Henning Mankell
  • Format: PAL
  • Language Swedish
  • Subtitles: Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Studio: SF(Fox)
  • DVD Release Date: 7 Nov 2006
  • Run Time: 361 minutes

Wallander Series 3, 9-13 - 5-DVD Box Set - the Swedish Original

Wallander series DVD box set 3
The third and final box set of the original Swedish movies based on Henning Mankell's series of crime fiction books featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander of the Ystad police.

The original series features Swedish actors only and has been filmed in Sweden. The language is Swedish with English subtitles. The acting is excellent and, as we stated above, some consider this to be a better version than the English one featuring Branagh.

The movies in this set are Täckmanteln/The Container Lorry, Luftslottet/The Castle Ruins, Blodsband/The Black King, Jokern/The Joker, and Hemligheten/The Secret.


The Container Lorry
Linda Wallander
Linda Wallander

When the police are called to investigate an abandoned container lorry they find it filled with dead bodies, including those of children. Human trafficking and a complicated ring of suspects, each part of a larger puzzle, emerge as the investigation unfolds.

Kurt finally gets a lead from an unlikely source, a group of local nuns, and a sports fan who fails to completely hide his true identity. But the case isn´t over until Kurt can figure out who is really behind the smuggling.

The Castle Ruins

An elderly man enters a bank together with his two growling dogs. He demands to have his account emptied of 20 million kronor - in cash. Shortly thereafter, the man and his dogs are found dead. The 20 million are nowhere to be found. The police suspects the man's neighbour. As the neighbour and his entire family later are found dead however, the traces point in other directions. Kurt Wallander and his bewildered colleagues soon realise that practically anyone in the little town of Soldala could be the killer that they are looking for.

The Black King

A dead woman and, for once, a suspect with an obvious motive. But Linda, Kurt Wallander's daughter, knows the suspect and is not convinced of his guilt. Stefan, Linda's lover and colleague, however is certain and with Kurt's backing digs into the man's background with grave consequences.

To prove her belief Linda must solve the case herself. Is the murdered woman's interest in chess the key to solving the mystery?

The Forger

Hans Wiman's remains are revealed when a house burns to the ground. When the initial investigation shows Wiman was dead prior to the fire, the police start looking for a murderer.

Wiman proves to be a master of mystery. Kurt is drawn into the case when he finds a warehouse, rented in Wiman's name, filled with counterfeit paintings. When he engages the help of local art expert Katrin both the investigation and Kurt's pulse move into high gear, as the detective finds himself taking a personal interest in his new colleague.

However, Kurt risks overstepping boundaries and taking things into his own hands as he tries to determine what is real and what is not.

The Secret

A boy's body is discovered in an abandoned barn. The murder shocks Kurt, Linda and Stefan, but the crime and the suspects don't seem to match.

As they delve into the world of child abuse the characters are forced to come to terms with their own experiences and struggle with hidden demons. The battle is more than Stefan can take, and Kurt and Linda are left to deal with their grief and anger and a dark secret from the past.

  • Actors: Krister Henriksson, Johanna Sällström, Ola Rapace, Stina Ekblad, Angela Kovacs
  • Directors: Anders Engström
  • Format: Import, PAL, Box set, Widescreen
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Studio: SF(Fox)
  • Run Time: 443 minutes
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