Is-Slottet / The Ice Palace - the cult Norwegian drama

Is-slottet - Tarjei VesaasThe movie (known as Is-Slottet (The Ice Palace) is based on Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas' beaufiful and evokoative novel with the same name (see our review). It stars twelve-year-olds Line Storesund as Siss and Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen as Unn.

Is-slottet was directed by Per Blom in 1987, and it was awarded the Grand Prix at the Flanders International Film Festival in 1988. The film focuses a little more on Unn’s secret feelings than the novel, but otherwise it’s very true to the book, with the same slow snow-laden pace. It is beautiful and a great treat for fans of Tarjei Vesaas' writing!

The movie is slow-moving at first. The scenery is stunning; it is worth seeing for the visual impact of the scenery alone. The film revolves primarily around two girls and their interaction with each other and their community. In my opinion it is brilliant; a touching, very poignant movie.

The film had its first video release in 1991. It is very difficult to find Is-slottet these days, I have only been able to find it on Amazon UK, but I will keep looking and update the info if I find it elsewhere.

More information:

  • Actors: Line Storesund, Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen, Vidar Sandem, Merete Moen, Sigrid Huun, Urda Bratterud Larsen
  • Screenplay: Per Blom, Tarjei Vesaas
  • D.O.P: Halvor Næss
  • Composer: Geir Bøhren, Bent Åserud
  • Sound: Håvard Rype

Is-slottet, the opening of the movie

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