New Crime Fiction Books

New crime fiction books by Scandinavian authors to be published in English translations. For releases from 2008 and 2009, see earlier releases.

Released in 2012

January 2012:

  • Quentin Bates: Cold Comfort. The second book in Bates' new series about Icelandic detective Gunna in Reykjavik. Review.

February 2012:

  • Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson: The Flatey Enigma. The first novel translated into English by this excellent and accomplished Icelandic author. (Review.)
  • Liza Marklund: Vanished (previously published as Paradise). Vanished is the third book in the Annika Bengtzon series. It has been re-published with new translation. (Review.)
  • Harry Nykanen: Nights of Awe. Eccentric Jewish policeman Ariel Kafka investigates the murder of four Arabs in the long darkness of Helsinki nights. (Review.)
  • Gunnar Staalesen: Cold Hearts, a new book about Varg Veum - the fifteenth in the series.
  • Helene Tursten: Night Rounds. The second book in Tursten's series about Detective Inspector Irene Huss. Review.

March 2012:

  • Ake Edwardson: Sail of Stone. The sixth book in Edwardson's series about the stylish Chief Inspector Erik Winter in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Review.)
  • Mari Jungstedt: Dark Angel, the sixth book in the intriguing series featuring Inspector Anders Knutas, Gotland, Sweden. (Review.)
  • Camilla Läckberg: The Drowning. The sixth in Läckberg's acclaimed series about the couple Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck in the small town of Fjallbacka, Sweden. (Review.)
  • Jo Nesbø: Phantom. The latest (ninth) book in the excellent series about Harry Hole.
  • Leif GW Persson: Another Time, Another Life - The Story of a Crime. Another fabulous installment in Persson's series about Lars Martin Johansson, the cop who can see around corners (even when it is dark)! (Review.)
  • James Thompson: Helsinki White. The third book about Inspector Kari Vaara in Helsinki. (Review.)

April 2012:

  • Anna Jansson: Killer's Island. The first book in English in the well-known series aabout detective Maria Wern. (Review.)
  • Jens Lapidus: Easy Money. The first book in Jens Lapidus' remarkable Stockholm Noir trilogy, a tough book from the dark side of Stockholm.
  • Liza Marklund: Last Will. The sixth book in Marklund's series about reporter Annika Bengtzon.
  • Hakan Nesser: Hour of the Wolf. This is the seventh book in the remarkable and excellent series about the stunning Inspector Van Veeteren.

May 2012:

  • Mons Kallentoft: Summertime Death. The second book in the Malin Fors series set in Linkoping, Sweden.
  • Karin Wahlberg: Death of a Carpet Dealer. Book seven in Wahlberg's series about police commissioner Claes Claesson. (Review.)

June 2012:

  • Jussi Adler-Olsen: Disgrace. The second installment in the extraordinary series about Carl Morck and his assistant Assad. The special Department Q of the Copenhagen police!
  • Anne Holt: Blind Goddess. This is the first book in Holt's first crime fiction series, featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen of the Oslo police.
  • Arnaldur Indridason: Black Skies. Another installment in the excellent series of Reykjavik crime by Indridason, featuring Sigurdur and Erlendur.
  • Seppo Jokinen: Wolves and Angels. A crime fiction novel featuring Detective Lieutenant Sakari Koskinen in Tampere. (Review.)
  • Harri Nykanen: Raid and the Kid. A new book in Nykanen's excellent series about Finnish hit man Raid. (Review.)

July 2012:

  • Thomas Enger: Pierced. The second novel in Enger's series featuring internet reporter Henning Juul, set in Oslo, Norway.
  • Karin Fossum: In the Darkness. A novel in Fossum's wonderful series about Inspector Konrad Sejer, Norway.
  • Camilla Grebe & Åsa Träff: Some Kind of Peace. Features Siri Bergman, a Swedish psychotherapist, whose husband died in a drowning incident.
  • Hjorth-Rosenfeldt: Sebastian Bergman. The first book in the Sebastian Bergman, psychological profiler, a Swedish international bestseller. This is now also a hit BBC4 TV drama starring Rolf Lassgård, the original Wallander, as Bergman.
  • Leif GW Persson: He Who Killed the Dragon. Another hilarious and intriguing installment in the series about the detective who can (could) see around corners.

August 2012:

  • Håkan Nesser: Münster's Case (aka The Unlucky Lottery). The sixth book in the marvelous series about Chief Inspector Van Veeteren.(Review)
  • Kristina Ohlsson: Silenced. The second Inspector Alex Recht novel!
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen: The Absent One.
  • Arni Thorarinsson: Season of the Witch. An Icelandic crime fiction featuring Einar, a newspaper crime reporter.

September 2012:

  • Camilla Ceder: Babylon. A Swedish crime fiction featuring Inspector Christian Tell.
  • Mons Kallentoft: Autumn Killing. TRhe thrid book in Kallentoft's series about superintendent Malin Fors, Linkoping.
  • Lars Kepler: The Nightmare. The second book in Kepler's intense series featuring DI Joona Linna, Stockholm.
  • Åsa Larsson: The Black Path. A Rebecka Martinsson mystery from Sweden - published in paperback in UK.
  • Hakan Ostlundh: The Viper. Set on Gotland. Police detective Fredrik Broman faces a double murder.

October 2012:

  • Agnete Friis & Lene Kaaberbol: Invisible Murders. The second book featuring Nina Borg, the Danish Red Cross Nurse.
  • Jo Nesbo: The Bat. Finally in English, the first volume of Nesbo's series featuring Detective Harry Hole of Oslo, Norway.
  • Johan Theorin: The Asylum. The fourth book in Theorin's series about the seasons on Oland in Sweden.

December 2012:

  • Anne Holt: Blessed Are Those Who Thirst. This is the second installment in Holt's Hanne Wilhelmsen series.
  • Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson: House of Evidence.
  • Leena Lehtolainen: My First Murder. The first book in Lehtolainen's series about Detective Maria Kallio from Helsinki, Finland.

Released in 2010


  • Camilla Lackberg: The Stone Cutter. The third book in her series about Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck in Fjallbacka in Sweden. Review
  • Henning Mankell: The Man from Beijing, a new thriller that was very well received in Scaninavia. Review.


  • Mari Jungstedt: The Killer's Art. This is her fourth murder story featuring Inspector Anders Knutas at Gotland in Sweden. (Review)
  • Jo Nesbo: The Snowman. Another wonderful story about Detective Harry Hole, the loner who has problems with booze from Oslo, Norway. (Review)


  • Karin Fossum: Bad Intentions. Three friends spend the weekend at a remote cabin. One dies. Inspector Konrad Sejer is in charge of the investigation. Review.
  • Hakan Nesser: The Inspector and Silence. A new novel in the Chief Inspector Van Veeteren series. Review.
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir: Ashes to Dust. A new athmospheric thriller featuring the good-natured lawyer-sleuth Thora Gudmundsdottir. Review.
  • Gunnar Staalesen: Yours Until Death. A new book in the series about Varg Veum; this time up against a teenage gang in Bergen. Review.


  • James Patterson and Liza Marklund: The Postcard Killers. A serial killing couple murder people in several European countries. Reviewed
  • Tom Egeland: Relic. The Quest for the Golden Shrine. Review.
  • Camilla Ceder: Frozen Moment. The first book in a new series about Inspector Christian Tell. Review.


  • Ake Edwardson: The Shadow Women. A new book in the series about Erik Winter. Review.
  • Leif G. W. Persson: Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End: The Story of a Crime. Is this the solution to the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme? Review.
  • Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom: Three Seconds. A new book in the series about Detective Inspector Ewert Grens (trailer) (Review)



  • Harri Nykanen: Raid and the Blackest Sheep. A Finnish crime fiction featuring Raid, a hard and tough Finnish hit man. Review.


  • Anne Holt: 1222 A crime fiction novel in Anne Holt's series about Hanne Wilhelmsen. Review.

Releases scheduled in 2011:


  • Jo Nesbo: The Leopard. Another excellent book in the series about Harry Hole. (UK only) See review.


  • Arne Dahl: Misterioso. The first book in his Intercrime trilogy, featuring Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm. Will come in July instead it seems. Review.


  • Camilla Lackberg: The Gallows Bird, the fourth book in her series about crimes in Fjällbacka, featuring Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck. Review.
  • Henning Mankell: The Troubled Man. Most likely this is the last book Mankell will ever write about Inspector Kurt Wallander. See review.
  • James Thompson: Lucifer's Tears, a new crime fiction set in Finland, the second in the series about Inspector Kari Vaara. See review.


  • Mari Jungstedt: Summertime. This is the fifth book in her series about Inspector Anders Knutas on the island of Gotland in Sweden. Review.
  • Lars Kepler (pseudonym): The Hypnotist. Review.


  • Jussi Adler-Olsen: Mercy. The first book in Jussi Adler-Olsen's excellent series about Department Q. Review.
  • Liza Marklund: Exposed. A book in Marklund's series about reporter Annika Bengtzon.


  • Arnaldur Indridason: Outrage
  • Johan Theorin: The Quarry - a new thriller/crime fiction in Theorin's Öland-series. The US title seems to be A Place of Blood (release date unknown). See review.


  • Thomas Enger: Burned. Enger's excellent debut book, featuring Henning Juul, set in Oslo, Norway. Review
  • Karin Fossum: The Caller. A new book in Fossum's series about Inspector Konrad Sejer and his assistant Jakob Skarre. See review.
  • Anne Holt: Fear Not. A book in Anne Holt's series about Inger Johanne Vik and Adam Stubo. Review.
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir: The Day is Dark - book 4 in Sigurdardottir's series about Thora Gudmundsdottir in Reykjavik. Review.
  • Jarkko Sipila: Nothing but the Truth. A new book in the Helsinki Homicide series, featuring Detective Lieutenant Kari Takamäki and his team. Review.


  • Jussi Adler-Olsen: The Keeper of Lost Causes. First book in the series about Department Q, with Carl Morck (US edition of Mercy). Review.
  • Kjell Eriksson: The Hand That Trembles. A new Ann Lindell mystery from Eriksson!
  • Jorn Lier Horst: Dregs. A book in Lier Horst's series about Chief Inspector William Wisting, from Larvik, Norway. (Review)
  • Camilla Lackberg: The Hidden Child, the fifth book in Lackberg's series about Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, set in Fjallbacka, Sweden. Review.
  • Asa Larsson: Until Thy Wrath be Past. The fourth book featuring Rebecka Martinsson, Lawyer. Review.


  • Kjell Ola (KO) Dahl: Lethal Investments
  • Jo Nesbo: Headhunters. This is not a Harry Hole novel, but an independent crime fiction novel featuring the headhunter and art thief Roger Brown. Review
  • Kristina Ohlsson: Unwanted. (UK) Ohlsson's debut novel featuring Inspector Alex Recht.
  • Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom: Cell 8. A new novel in the Detective Inspector Ewert Grens series.


  • Mons Kallentoft: Midwinter Sacrifice. The first book in Kallentoft's series about Superintendent Malin Fors in Linkoping, Sweden. Review.
  • Hakan Nesser: The Unlucky Lottery. A new and difficult mysterium for chief Inspector Van Veeteren and his assistant Münster


  • Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis: The Boy in the Suitcase. The excellent debut novel of a new Danish crime writing duo. Review.
  • Jens Lapidus: Easy Money. A crime fiction book about the criminal underground and the gangs in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Harri Nykanen: Raid and the Kid. Finnish crime fiction.

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