The Woman from Bratislava, by Leif Davidsen

Bibiography, Leif Davidsen

  • Uhellige alliancer (1984) The Sardine Deception
  • Den russiske sangerinde (novel) (1988) (also movie) The Russian Singer
  • Den sidste spion (1991) The Last Spy
  • Den troskyldige russer (1993)
  • Forræderen - og andre historier (1995)
  • Den serbiske dansker (1996) (also TV movie) The Serbian Dane
  • Lime's billede (1998) Lime's Photograph
  • Dostojevskijs sidste rejse (2002) (travel book)
  • De gode søstre (2003) The Woman from Bratislava
  • Fjenden i spejlet (2004)
  • Den ukendte hustru (2006)
  • På udkig efter Hemingway (2008)
  • Min broders vogter (2010)

Leif Davidsen writes with an eye for detail. The Woman from Bratislava, by Leif DavidsenHe is one of the best Danish thriller writers. The Woman from Bratislava, his most recent and very authentic and suspenseful novel, begins when a seemingly invincible NATO fighter plane is shot down during a bombing raid in Yugoslavia. It soon becomes clear that there is a leak within the military alliance.

In Bratislava, Teddy Pedersen, a visiting Danish university lecturer, receives a visit from an Eastern European woman who reveals herself to be his half-sister and informs him that their father was a Danish SS officer who had officially been declared dead in 1952 but had in fact lived on in Yugoslavia for many years. When Teddy’s older sister is arrested in Copenhagen on suspicion of being a Stasi agent, a murder leads him — and the Danish intelligence service, with Per Toftlund in charge — to investigate the relationship between these two women, one in Denmark and one in Bratislava.

As international tensions mount, the link Teddy discovers proves to have far-reaching personal and political consequences is this engaging and intricate thriller.

This is a large-scale suspense-filled thriller, well translated by Barbara J. Haveland. To my mind this is the best book so far from Davidsen! The Woman from Bratislava is a good read and very enjoyable!

The Serbian Dane, by Leif Davidsen

Leif Davidsen is a well-known Danish author of thrillers. Many of his books have been translated into other languages, and The Serbian Dane has been translated to English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian. It was awarded the prize for best fiction book by the book club “De 12 bøger” in 1997.

The Serbian Dane, by Leif DavidsenIranian mullahs have issued a fatwa for an internationally acclaimed writer by offering a four million dollar reward to the person who carries out her death sentence. The writer has been invited to Copenhagen by a Danish daily newspaper to speak at an event, and the Danish Secret Service is put in charge of protecting her. Per Toftlund, a security specialist, is in charge.

The main person in The Serbian Dane is Vuk, a young Bosnian Serb who was born and grew up in Denmark. Vuk's past is slowly revealed to us as he wanders around Copenhagen, surprised by the changes that occurred during the short number of years that he was away. Vuk contacts one of his childhood friends, and more of his past is revealed, in particular his traumatic experiences in ex-Yugoslavia. We finally begin to understand why Vuk is the way he is.

Davidsen is a precise and good storyteller. He has a wonderful sense of timing. And his decriptions of Danish politicians and Danish media are superb - as a journalist he knows what he is talking about.

Also, the story contains a broken marriage and a beautiful love story. It has it all! The Serbian Dane is a cracking thriller!

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