The Glass Devil, by Helene Tursten

In The Glass Devil, Goteborg Detective Inspector Irene Huss investigates the murder of a family in which three of its members, a teacher, the teacher’s father and his mother, are murderedThe Glass Devil, by Helene Tursten in two separate locations. Satanic symbols are left at the murder scenes drawn in their blood. The Glass Devil is the fifth mystery in the series about Detective Inspector Irene Huss (but only the third translated into English) by Swedish crime author Helene Tursten.

The three family members are all killed within a very short time of each other. Jacob was found in his cottage, killed with two gunshot wounds. On his computer screen was drawn an upside-down pentagram. His parents were shot in their bed, once each between the eyes. Again, the upside-down pentagram is present on the computer screen. However, they also find that both computers had been professionally erased.

The clues indicate that murders could have been committed by a devil worshipper. Even so, Detective Inspector Irene Huss’s investigation leads her to a child pornography and pedophile ring.

The story in The Glass Devil is a bleak tale about evil in a pure, fundamental form. Throughout the book it is portrayed with Helene Tursten’s unflinching but unsensational style, which, if anything, makes the evil stand out in a very chilling fashion. The book is structured entirely from the police view.

Tursten’s novel is populated with credible, flawed characters and a multitude of suspects from members of a satanic cult, to assistant pastors. Irene's life is also on display in The Glass Devil, to great effect. She is a wife, a mother, and a career woman with a time-consuming, often dangerous, job. Her domestic life intertwines with her professional one, and Tursten shows how "common" people, not unlike Irene and her family, can be honest and straightforward yet simultaneously be deceitful and devious. The Glass Devil tells an excellent story all the way from the opening phone call until the climax. Huss is terrific as she investigates the triple murders. Overall, The Glass Devil is an exceptional novel and very well worth seeking out.