The Scandinavian Literature Site

The Scandinavian countries have produced and are still producing a large number of world-class authors - among them several Nobel Prize winners in literature - and lots of wonderful books every year. Lately, crime fiction books from Scandinavia - written by authors such as Henning Mankell, Karin Fossum, Jo Nesbø, Arnaldur Indridason and Stieg Larsson - have received considerable attention both in Europe and the US. Scandinavian crime fiction is becoming a brand name.
However, the Scandinavian literature and authors are often less accessible to readers than, say, American or English ones. Because we love to read, and greatly appreciate and enjoy Scandinavian literature and culture, we wish - in a small way - to contribute to making Scandinavia and its literature more widely known.
ScandinavianBooks is a site for Scanidinavian fiction - both literature and crime fiction - and Scandinavian culture. We review books by Scandinavian authors in a number of genres, and also provide news about Scandinavian movies and literature. The site consists of this main site and the blogs Scandi Movies and Nordic Bookblog, and all contain such news. We also post news on our Facebook-page.
Sections The main sections are fiction - modern and classical literature - and crime fiction. We focus on books and authors available in English, and feature authors from all the Nordic countries (rather than the often more narrowly defined set of Scandinavian countries). You will find books from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden here.
To provide additional background, we also have a short section on the history of Scandinavian literature and the literary and crime fiction awards. Because the Scandinavian countries share a Viking past, we also have sections on literature about the Vikings.
Lately we have started to add reviews of movies/DVDs from Scandinavia or based on Scandinavian novels. Many people - including some of us behind this site - like to watch movies based on book they have read. So it seemed like a nice addition to the site.
Moving ahead In the future, we may include travel books, music and some non-fiction.
This site is a work in progress, admittedly sometimes in slow progress. Perhaps it will always be that. It is a hobby - a labor of love, motivated by much admiration and love of the Scandinavian countries and cultures; much time spent reading over many years; a broad interest in books and reading; and also to some extent an interest in learning to master HTML, CSS, Web Design and all of that (see Peter's blog for some gripes about the pains and pleasures of that).
We would love to be able to develop this site full time rather than only as a hobby, and find it very rewarding. But alas, that may never happen.